Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The magic of a baby swing

Our little daughter will be 2 months old tomorrow and she sure is growing. She's eating more also. Before we can only feed her 2 Oz's of formula at a time but now she's drinking 3 Oz's. I still have a hard time accepting the fact that she will cry for all kinds of reasons I've never thought possible. She crys when we pick her up, crys when she's hungry AND cry's when she's full, cry's when we rock her to sleep, etc, etc, etc. It drives me crazy! literally! Thank goodness for this baby swing that we bought when we had our son. She doesn't like it when we're driving in the car. The only thing that will put her to sleep is the swing. I asked my wife why she cant just close her eye's and sleep? I mean she's not like us you know where it may take us adults to get to sleep longer, right? She's a baby. Baby's normally don't have a hard time going to sleep right? Feed them a bottle and their out like a light switch right? Forgive me for being dumb but is this normal? Honestly, i don't know whats normal anymore. That's all for now.

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