Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Affordable auto insurance

I recently purchased a new vehicle from a reputable Toyota dealer here in southern California. It wasn't a fancy expensive car but it wasn't cheap either. I was tired of driving my other car because it had some problems and it was a 2001 so after having it just over a year, i traded it in for a Toyota corolla. The next thing i had to do after i purchased my Toyota was to go shopping for car insurance which i hate doing.

I wasn't satisfied with my current auto insurance company because i had gotten into a fender bender 2 years ago and they sent me an email about raising my insurance premiums to twice the monthly rate i was paying before so i had to search online for free car insurance quotes and was able to find a local company who could give me the same amount of service for a lot less then what i was paying.

If your looking for cheap car insurance but keep on getting the run around like i did, check out iSelect. What's great is that you can compare car insurance rates and find the best policy to fit your budget. Did you know that they also have life insurance and health insurance. I've been talking to my wife about purchasing some life insurance because you never know what will happen tomorrow. Better sate than sorry.

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