Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day of shreading yields uncashed check from 2008

Yesterday was Wednesday and that was my day off. My wife wanted to do a short spring cleaning on the papers in our file cabinet which meant spending some serious time with our paper shredder. If I'm your average normal guy husband, you can get a good idea of what i thought about this idea, BAH HUMBUG or in English it means, NONSENSE! Well, as much as i didn't want to do it, i had no choice because i knew the files in that 2 drawer cabinet was getting so backed up and heavy that i actually bent the lower drawer one day while opening it. So my wife and i spent the day shredding old documents. While i was shredding, i put some papers to the side to save until i could further inspect them but my son got a hold of the and was playing around with them. My wife and i shouted at him for touching those papers but upon further inspection i couldn't believe my eyes. An uncashed payroll check from my work which was worth $159.61 ! I yelled at my wife, Hey honie, check this out! A check! We couldn't believe our eyes! We're pretty good about cashing all our checks usually the same day we get them or the day after but this was too good to be true. Turns out it was good but void after 90 days so we took a trip to my work to get the check replaced. We couldn't get my work to write me a new one that day but instead payroll said they would add it onto my next check. What a day this has been for us. We're so fortunate because we've been praying to GOD for some financial help and look what comes our way. Thank you!

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