Monday, February 1, 2010

Our new family car

My wife, kids and i went to the frank Toyota last week to see about trading in my 2009 corolla to try to get an SUV but were not successful because they told us that purchasing an SUV would not be wise because it would increase my monthly payments and the gas economy was not that good. But we were successful in purchasing a 2007 Toyota sienna LE minivan with power windows, seats, cruise control, seats 7 passengers comfortably. It's a white minivan and it's comes with a 3.5 liter v6 engine. We drove up to temecula last week to see our tax preparer about signing our tax papers and the van performed very well and it was a comfortable ride for all of my family. My son really loves it because it has lots of room and he can get a good view of the road in front of him as well as to his side. My wife loves it too because it's just so much more roomier than our 2009 corolla although i do miss driving my corolla because it had lots of power. Oh well, I needed more room because i have a family and that's whats important.

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