Thursday, May 6, 2010

Learning to walk

Here is a picture of my daughter at 8 months and she's already learning how to walk. I can't believe she's already learning to walk. Actually my wife helped her up to the table but my daughter was able to balance on her own. We're so happy for our daughter because this is a milestone in her development. I guess the real challenge will be after she starts walking, then we will have to always keep our eye's on her. You know little kids just love to get in all sorts of trouble.


imelda said...

oh shes gorgeous even if i only see her back, cutie here

mamalira said...

She seems advance in her age.

Leslie @ Lay It On Me Designs said...

Isn't it great! My son just turned 9 months. Even though they grow SO fast and i want him to slow down, it's amazing to watch them develop. He's crawling everywhere, pulling up on things, cruising furniture..and is going to start walking anytime now as well. Enjoy her while she's little!