Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our next vacation

My wife and I have really been wanting to take a vacation to the philippines but we just dont have the money to go this year. It's been 2 years since we've had a vacation and you know with the kids and my work we're both tired and need some serious rest and a break from our everyday lives. I've been discussing recently with my wife about taking a vacation up in Colorado. A co-worker of mine mentioned something about vail valley vacation rentals Although we've never been there before I've heard there's much to see and do for recreation in Colorado and the air is supposedly so fresh and clean their. After looking at some of the vacation rentals we're thinking the beaver creek vacation rentals would most likely fit our budget the best. It's beautiful and lush forest are perfect for hiking and trail watching. I'm interested in taking our children to the kids day camp for a day of fun. Our children can learn a lot about nature and wildlife. They have a childrens museum that would be great for our son My son loves the snow a lot because we took him sledding up the mountains when he was 2 and now whenever he see's snow he always says to us " slide snow daddy" so we might have to decide on choosing the other vacation at vail vacation rentals It's so hard to decide whats best for us and our children but these vacation rentals can helps us unwind and relax which is what we need.

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