Tuesday, June 15, 2010

America's Favorite Gift Cards

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My wife and I just recently returned from a graduation party for one of our closest friends granddaughter. I love to go shopping for me and my family but shopping for a gift for a friend or a relative is not at the top of my "thing's I enjoy" list. There's all that stress about will the gift receiver like what we bought for them, if it's clothes will it fit them or will the piece of clothing just end up in the closet for the rest of it's life. That's why I hate shopping for friends and relatives. Who would have know that someone would come up with a neat idea like FriendGiftr I wish I would have know this before we bought this gift for our friend because we could have sent her a friendgiftr gift card and she could use it to go out and pick some kind of gift that she would personally like rather than us buying something she may not like or use. Users of friendgiftr can send a real digital and/or physical gift card to the person for any kind of occasion at any time. The buyer can select from over 120 of their favorite retail or restaurant gift cards with denominations in $10, $20, $25, $35, $50, $75, and $100. But the best part about this is that the end user are empowered to get what they really want –they can exchange the gift card given to them from their friends or family for any of the 120 merchants Friendgiftr offers for no additional cost and without the buyer knowing. They can also split the gift card across multiple merchants, enabling the ultimate user choice and control. You can check them out at their facebook website using your Iphone, Blackberry or Android device.

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