Friday, June 11, 2010

Near miss accident

I was driving home today from field service with my wife and we were driving west on Coronado drive when this crazy idiot in a Toyota 4runner cut me off and nearly hit me. I was driving in the left lane and he was driving in the right lane and he was coming up to a car ahead of him but I guess he didn't want to slow down for that car so he sped up and cut me off in the left lane causing me to slam on my brakes. I sped up to the guy and rolled down the passenger window and yelled to the driver "Hey, What the heck is wrong with you" Can't you see I have children in my car and you cut me off like that? He wanted to pick a fight with me And I wanted to get out of the car and hit him in the head but if i would have down that I could have been arrested for assault so I just took off and called the guy a jerk. My blood pressure was boiling when that guy did that because It was so disrespectful and ignorant on his part. How many people have had this happen to them? Did it make you mad?

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