Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Helping My Dog

Post from guest writer William Monte

Back a few years ago when my dog Benny was beginning to show signs of old age, I turned for information on my satellite internet Reno NV connection. I figured that in addition to being able to find out exactly what is wrong with him, I could also find out which kinds of holistic medicines would make him have a better quality of life. The first thing that I did was read the forums, where I saw that there were other people that were having to manage their dog's old age in the same ways that I was going to have to.

My dog's eyes were starting to get cloudy, so I even uploaded a picture of them for other people to tell me what I should do about it. Not only did I get a free diagnosis, but I met a good amount of friends also. I got so tired of having to wait for hours just to be rushed out the door by the veterinary doctors, that I have to find other resources out there for these questions. I also found out that there are herbs that could be ground up into Benny's food, causing some of his other ailments to disappear. These people have started to become as if they family to me. Showing genuine concern for the well being of my animal, and me too. I have received more help from hughes satellite internet than I thought possible.

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