Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Children Should Be Cautioned About The Use Of The Internet

Guest post written by Alex Nobrega

The internet is a great place to find all kinds of information and since children are using it as a resource for homework we knew when it was time to introduce our daughter to the net. We had already given her permission to use the one computer in our home and watched as she learned to navigate the many options in the word processing program and the games that came with it, but had not yet given her permission to access the internet.

After we installed satellite internet specials for our home we went ahead and allowed her to begin accessing the internet with the assurance that we had a backup program installed as well. With parental controls in the background we felt pretty safe about letting her browse the internet. Of course we had taken the time to give her advice about was acceptable and what was not.

We made sure to let her know that she was not allowed to give out her personal information to anyone online even if she thought she might know them she was told not to give out this information over the internet. Of course, she thought we were a little old fashioned but she knew that if she did and we found out she would no longer have the privilege she had waited so long for in the first place.

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