Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Icelandic team that must spend hours practicing goal celebrations

The video above is already spreading like something involving Justin Bieber and is being described as the greatest goal celebration ever. In it, Icelandic club Stjarnan wins in extra time off a penalty kick from Halldor Orri Bjornsson, giving the team reason to unleash a performance that involves Halldor fishing for his human fish teammate Johann Laxdal ("lax" means salmon in Icelandic). Once "caught," the players lift up Laxdal for a fake picture and thus complete a perfectly executed and delightfully intricate goal celebration that probably took more than a little preparation.

While this is their best, it's not the only display of well-arranged goal celebrating from the Stjarnan boys. The same YouTube user who uploaded this clip on Monday also posted a few more of the same team.

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