Thursday, September 9, 2010

Faces on the mountainside

Guest post written by Grace White

Our family has always been really interested in history and because of that last Christmas I promised my grandkids that we would go around the country and see a lot of historical sites. This summer one of them that we saw was Mount Rushmore.

Our trip revealed a few things about all of us. First was that our grandkids do not like country music like me and my husband do. Then also, I realized that my hearing is getting kind of bad.
So after got back to the hotel after seeing Mount Rushmore I looked up Miracle Ear locations. I decided to buy some hearing aids in Wyoming when we got home and made an appointment at miracle ear Rock Spring WY.

Having that off my mind helped me enjoy more of our little trip. We have lots of great pictures and are even taking the ones of us and the grandkids to get made into pillows to give to them for Christmas!

Our next little trip is going to see the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia when they get a week off for fall break.

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