Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feeding ducks at seaport village

This is one of our kids favorite things to do. The other I took the kids and wife downtown by using the San Diego Trolley because my son wanted to ride. Him and his sister love riding the trolley and they always get excited when they see the trolley coming and the red lights flashing and the signal gates coming down and the bells sounding. All that commotion gets them really excited. After we got off at the seaport village station, we walked on over to seaport village to browse all the shops. We stopped at a store to pick up a couple loaves of bread on the way so our kids could feed the ducks. Isn't this a cool picture. My kids get so excited when the ducks walk up to them. You can practically touch them and I actually did but the one I touched actually nipped me back. Good thing I didn't get cut from them or I would have had to go to the hospital for rabies test.

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