Monday, October 18, 2010

No Demands...Just On Demand

Author: Miles King

The smell of popcorn is wafting from the kitchen to the living room, as my husband and I settle in on the couch beside a newly kindled flame in the fireplace. As he flips through the channels (he makes this a habit, which drives me crazy), it dawns on me that we can now watch movies on demand from Finally, there is something to agree on.

I appreciate that in demand is divided into categories so we can develop a better sense of what we're in the mood for. After the week we both had, a comedy wins out. As I go to get the popcorn, I just think to myself what a nice evening this is. As the rain beats down on the awning, it is comforting to watch on demand movies and not have to trek to the theater.

Watching on demand movies on satellite tv has made the weekends so relaxing and enjoyable. Handfuls of popcorn later, I am enjoying the comedy we chose. My husband turns to me at the end and asks if I'm ready for another. After pressing a couple of buttons, a new cinematic adventure begins, and I rest my head comfortably on his shoulder. Why can't every part of life be as easy and nice as watching a movie at home?

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