Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wet weather for San Diego

We're finally getting some decent rain levels here in San Diego. I was wondering when it might start coming. We really need the rain since it's been a while since we got some good rain. Whenever it rains, I just want to eat some hot soup and sleep in bed all day. I also like to watch some movies and eat some popcorn but we dont have any pop corn and movies cost money to watch. Well, we have cox cable on-demand and most of the movies cost money to watch but some are free. Those sucky movies are free but who want's to watch a sucky movie? Not me. Then I guess we could always go down to the local blockbuster to rent but that also cost money so the next best thing is to just watch the discovery channel or do some paid task. Urghhh, BORING DAY! Anyways, it looks like we'll continue to see showers and thundershowers with a Chance of rain, Showers and thundershowers likely this evening with a shower or two possible overnight.

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