Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Trip to Disney is in Order!

Guest post written by Paul Sanders

Going to Disney World is like a rite of passage in our family. Now that Max, our youngest grandbaby, is 7 (and old enough to enjoy it!) we've decided it's high time for another trip down to Orlando to visit. We've taken all the kids there so far, and we seem to go back at least once every few years. So we're gearing up for another trip and we couldn't be more ready to get out of Georgia for a few days. I Max is looking most forward to going to Universal Studios to see Nickelodeon, though my wife and I thoroughly enjoy all the food variety at Epcot.

They've really got every country covered--Mexico, Germany, England...you have to pace yourself when you go eat there, because everything looks so good and you just want to try it all! My favorite thing they serve is probably the sauerkraut you get on the sausages at the Germany stop. Definitely worth the trip, itself!

Before we go, I'm going to remind my wife to go to HearingAidsbyMiracleEar.com to check out possible hearing aid options. She's needed some for a while, so maybe this trip is just the push she needs. It's sure to be a blast, either way!

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