Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cell phone on the blink

Have you ever heard of that old saying, "When it rains, it pours" ? Well, that's exactly what has happened to me with electronics this past week. It's not enough that my poor laptop has died on me, but now my wife's 1 year old droid cell phone has just started giving us problems. The original charger that I purchased with this cell phone stopped working the other day and the only thing I had to charge my dying battery was my car charger which by the way doesn't charge as nearly as fast and good as the a/c charger. Urgghhhhhh! Lately, I've been criticizing Motorola for their poor charging port design because of it's small miniture size and how fragile it really is. The steel charging port has become enlarged from sticking the cable in there so many times to charge the battery. What a crappy design this is. Even my co-worker said his sister had a droid and said it's too small and prone to damage unlike the iPhone which uses a larger charging port to charge their battery. I took it into verizon which is my wireless carrier and they suggested I either have a shop fix it or live with it until my contract will offer me a new upgrade around the middle of the month. I decided to live with it. I told my wife I will let her choose the cell phone this year. She wants the apple iPhone. Yeahhhh honie, good choice!

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