Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow at Mt Laguna

Today I called in sick to work and took the day off so that I could take the wife and kids to Cuyamaca park and see the snow but we we're very disappointed when we arrived and found out that there was no snow. We made sure the weather forecast predicted snow from 4000 feet down to 3500 feet before we left the house. It turns out that there was very little to no snow available today if you want ot slide on your sled today. Compared to the last time we came here, it was full of snow. We stopped at lake Cuyamaca state park and asked for directions to Mt palomar because my wife said there was snow up there. Some men I spoke to in the restaurant at lake Cuyamaca gave me directions but they suggested I go to Mt Laguna because it's verified they have snow there. To make a long story short, There was a lot of snow at Mt Laguna and it was well worth the trip. The kids had a great time. We got to take a lot of pictures and videos for memories.

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