Sunday, February 13, 2011

L.a. escapades

We just came back from a one week vacation to Los Angeles and San Francisco and we had a great time. We stayed at the days inn Hollywood hotel on Hollywood blvd for one night. The hotel fare was reasonable and clean. Once we arrived and checked in, we wanted to go see the Hollywood sign. It's a nice view of the sign and some parts of the city. The weather was beautiful and warm. There were other tourists at the famous sign when we arrived so we took advantage of that moment to have them take a picture of the family and me. This picture was with my wife and kids. We hated the traffic on the way up to Los Angeles but there's many things to see and do while in Los Angeles. I'll have more updates as the week progresses so I don't run out of things to say.


LivingShed said... to see that landmark too

GoodiesNBadies said...

they're cute :)

nice background