Thursday, March 24, 2011

Benefits of having an extended auto warranty protection plan

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Have you ever heard of AutoAssure and how it may help you from incurring unexpected repair bills? Maybe you know about Auto Coverage As Seen On TV. Believe me, If you've purchased a used vehicle these days, it is wise and to your advantage to also purchase an extended warranty protection plan if not from the dealer you purchase it thru, then from an independent nationwide company that provides vehicle service contracts. You just don't know what your getting these days and it's not wise to gamble with a big investment like this. Especially if it's one of those newer vehicles with many computer electronics in it because you can never tell when electronics will decide to go on the blink for no reason at all. I purchased a used 2007 toyota sienna van  last year but the manufacturers warranty expired and my wife and I were scared not to have some kind of protection so we purchased a Customized Vehicle Protection Plans from the place where we bought our van.  My wife and I are so grateful for doing this because the last time we took our van in for service, the motor had some problems that needed to be fixed. One problem was a bearing that was making noise on the front right wheel and a noisy idler bearing which were both covered with our customized vehicle protection plan. The repairs took several days and we couldn't afford to be without our van because I needed it to go to work but having the customized protection plan covered a rental car and we didn't have any out of pocket expenses which was great. I'm very satisfied with the level of protection I have and the peace of mind that comes with it. I encourage my readers to check out the benefits and sign up to receive a autoassure quote. It only takes a few minutes.  

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The information provided by you in this post is very helpful as it will help lots of people to understand the concept of extended warranty