Monday, March 7, 2011

PDF File Converter

Many of us computer geeks out there are familiar with and regularly read PDF files on a daily basis. I for one, read them just about every day at my work. I read repair manuals every day and these manuals have been converted to PDF files on the computer so they are easy to read. PDF in short stands for portable document format. PDF files are one of the best ways to view and share documents and they are widely used in a variety of fields these days. Using PDF files makes our lives simpler however, have you ever experienced that failed to edit or quote the contents of PDF documents? I have and it's very annoying and not any fun but what it's trying to tell you is that you cannot edit or change a PDF file using the reader program. Most common reader programs do not allow for direct editing and there are other restrictions on copying and printing. There have been many a time when we wanted to convert a pdf to doc file but were inconvenienced because didn't have the right program.

There have been few instances where I needed to convert a pdf to html file but didn't know how or didn't have the program. So, to make our lives easier, Someone came out with a neat little program called Total PDF Converter which will convert all your PDF files to HTML, DOC, (WORD) , Text, Excel, PostScript, CSV or Image files. Using Total PDF Converter is the smart choice because it's fast, easy-to-handle, accurate, doesn't require Adobe Acrobat, supports many target formats and has a batch option (can convert hundreds of PDF files as well as single files) Other unique features of this software are the ability to save Adobe files as images (in JPEG format) and position several of them on one screen. Total PDF Converter can convert multi-page PDF files to HTML and place each page in a separate HTML file.

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