Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fixed wife's Acer laptop



I saved $150 from this laptop. I was going to take it to the computer shop a few months ago and have it fix, but I keep on putting it on hold because of our tight budget. And besides it wasn’t that so important to have it fix because I bought a new Sony Vaio laptop recently for replacement to my wife’s broken laptop. I thought maybe I can fix it myself. I searched online about the problem and I found a helpful link. I opened up the laptop and found a power cable for the charger that is not working. The cable is not allowing the power to charge the battery. I re-soldered the wires to the power cable to charge the battery and it worked. I put the laptop back together and I got it working once again. I’m so happy and so as my wife. Now, we have 2 working laptops and 2 working desktop. Cool!

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