Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dump you cell phone contract and save money

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I'm so fed up with our current cell phone provider. We just got our cell phone bill for July and as usual, there were hidden charges that we couldn't explain. I hate this cell phone service because we can never tell what our phone bill will be as it's changing all the time. This company is ripping us off with these hidden charges and outrageous fees. We're living paycheck to paycheck and we need to save money. I told my wife I'm going to dump our cell phone provider this year because I'm tired of all these hidden fee's. They got us right were they want us, hook, line and sinker. We went to Walmart the other day and my wife said we should sign up for this new cell phone plan called straight talk. She says it has everything you need. I asked her what she meant by that. She said there's no surprise bills, no credit checks and most importantly, no contracts so we're not committed for 2 years. She said there's this "All you need plan" which gives you 1000 minutes talk, 1000 texts, and 30 Mb of web usage. The other plan which includes unlimited calls, text, picture messaging and web all for $45 dollars a month. This plan beats our current provider and cuts our bill in half so we can save money. We pay over $1000.00 a year. I like this plan. I told her we should do this because we can use the money we save to pay other bills. She said she will call a friend of  hers and tell her friend about this cool program. What's not to like about this? And with great connectivity, reception and nationwide coverage, we won't experience dropped calls like we do all the time with our current cell phone provider. They have major brands of phones like Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Kyocera so it's a win win deal all around. You can't go wrong. 


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