Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Violence reported in walmart

I was reading the headline news the other day and was disgusted with an article I read about Black Friday being marred by pepper spraying customers, smash and grab looters and bloody scenes in the shopping aisles. A woman pepper sprayed a crowd of shoppers to gain an edge as employees were opening a crate of xbox 360's. In another instance, a group of shoppers were walking to their car to put their packages away when a man walked up demanding they give up their packages. The robber had a gun. When the group didn't give in, the robber shot one person, critically injuring him. He was transported to a local hospital in critical but stable condition. These people have become like animals. The woman who used pepper spray on the crowd fled the scene but later went to a local police station and turned herself in. My son needed a new pair of shoes the other day and I told my wife that if we go by Walmart and I even see a hint of long lines and crowded parking lots, were driving right by. I want nothing to do with this madness. It's just gotten insane and is no longer safe. Several co-workers I spoke to the other day agreed with me. These people should know better and already have enough stuff but they want more. For what? Just to save a couple hundred dollars on an xbox console? Will that make you happy? Until a next year and then you'll want something better. It's all vanity I tell you.

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