Saturday, November 26, 2011

@ The fair

I took my family to the big fair here in San Diego 6 months ago and they all loved it. My children loved the rides and my wife loved the different kinds of foods from the many pop up displays and pop up booths inside the fair. There were all kinds of hotdogs and steak all over the place. I told my wife that we will have to go back there next year. We wandered inside the fair for 8 long hours and it was already late at night when we got home. The last place we went into at the time was the trade show pop up displays from all kinds of products.

It was too bad that we weren’t able to see all the displays because they were already closing when we got inside. We didn’t know that the fair had that kind of show where we can get and take advantage of the free samples. My wife loves that kind of pop up trade show displays because she can take home all kinds of nick-knacks with her. She likes collecting little items and sends them to her parents in the Philippines. We got tote bags, ball pens, key chains and etc… It was fun!

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