Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Waiting for her eye exam

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My wife and I both wear prescription eyeglasses. We go to our ophthalmologist every year for eyeglasses upgrade. One thing that my wife can’t leave the house without with is her eyeglasses. She pretty much wears eyeglasses every hour of the day. In my case, I only wear eyeglasses when needed. Before my wife have her medical insurance, she used to order her prescription eyeglasses at the Zenni Optical store. They have the stylish but cheap eyeglasses than any other optical store in the market these days. Their products are directly ordered thought the manufacturer and that’s one of the major reasons why they’re so economical than any other optical store. My wife told me that she will have to have an alternate eyewear product this time. She will order contact lenses to her Ophthalmologist and order a prescription eyeglass at Zenni Optical store. Zenni Optical store helped us a lot because we don’t have to spend a lot of money just to be able to have my wife’s prescription eyeglasses. The money that my wife saved from the Zenni store, she used for her shopping’s spree and for my children’s school supplies. My wife said that she will order this kind of frame (photo below) as soon as she gets her eye exam done.

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