Tuesday, November 29, 2011

He loves his bus

My son will never sleep without his bus with him. Whenever we tuck him in to his bed, he’d make sure that the bus is there otherwise he’ll be looking for it and won’t sleep until it’s found. For some reason my wife ruined his old bus and he kept on complaining about it, so, I decided to give him a brand new one. I checked online to see if I can get it and unfortunately there weren’t for sale. We actually got that bus from the tradeshow for free a few years ago. I went to the website and emailed to the admin. I asked them if they still have the bus and fortunately they responded my email. I was told it’s not for sale but they can give it to my son for free including the bus piggy bank. I was so happy and I didn’t tell my son about it until it arrived. It was precious and priceless to see him smile upon seeing his brand-new bus.

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