Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family insurance coverage

Well, it's already november and soon I"ll be getting a new health insurance packet from my employer veolia transportation. Every year around december the window of opportunity opens up for employees of my company if they want to change insurance plans to a different company or continue with the same insurance company. Last year I decided to change my health insurance provider so I could have family insurance coverage for my whole family. In the past I could only afford health insurance for myself because of the high cost of a specific plan I enrolled in but I dumped them last year for another health insurance provider. I'm paying lower cost and now my whole family is covered. It feels great to be able to provide my family with this valuable benefit.

My wife's aunt had her husband pass away a few years ago and she was recommending that I look into purchasing some whole term life insurance to protect my family as well should I pass away since I'm the oldest of my family. I got some mail 2 months ago from one of the credit card companies I have a credit card with and they gave me some pretty cheap life insurance quotes
I could afford on a monthly basis. So I ended up enrolling in one plan but after looking at the fine details, I determined it was not the best for my situation so I cancelled that plan. I learned it was not really life insurance but accidental insurance and didn't fit my situation. Now I've been checking online for some life insurance quotes from several companies but havn't quite decided which way to go yet. I'll be making a decision soon though so my family will be protected in the event something happens to me.

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