Friday, November 11, 2011

Free link exchange

I wanted to start a home business so I could earn some extra income like my wife does with her blogging. I hate any type of home business where you have to do some door to door selling or make phone calls to get customers to buy your products. That's why I tried out affiliate marketing. It was convenient and I could work at my own pace, be my own boss and I don't need to have a lot of money to start my business. I was given my own free website and the only thing I would have to do is market my website so I could gain website traffic to my site. I was hoping that by using my home based affiliate marketing website, I could also use my bogs to gain traffic to my home based website.

This was all new to me so I ended up getting training in affiliate marketing. based on the training I received from affiliate marketing, I was taught the importance of building links and how this can help to build page rank and help people to find your website. When I first started blogging, my blogs had high page rank but eventually I lost all my page rank. So my wife told me I should start visiting other blogs to get free link exchange. By doing this, my blogs will get found in the search engines and I can increase my page rank which will allow me to gain advertisers opportunity's. Since doing this, It has helped my blogs to have a consistent permanent source of income to help me make ends meet. I haven't looked back since and I don't regret the tips I recieved.

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