Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fresh orders for lumpia


I went to work the other day and some of my co-workers were wondering why I was at work so early. I told them that I needed to drop off some cooked Filipino lumpia to my sisters work nearby and since my work was right down the street, I told my wife to just drop me off and I'll go to work early. My wife and I made 100 lumpia for the gardener of our apartment complex and we had some leftover so we gave them out to friends and family. Several of my co-workers were asking if we could make them lumpia and another one of our friends wanted 100 so now we have orders for 200 lumpia by Friday. Looks like we'll be bust thursday


agrobuah said...

Salam sukses dan salam hangat untuk semuanya by AGRO BUAH.
Selamat ber aktifitas, sehat selalu dan maju untuk berprestasi

daisy said...

mmmm lumpia! we'll have that in our Christmas dinner too!