Thursday, December 8, 2011

Phone Orders

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

Phone orders are such a huge part of my business but to be honest with you, I hate being on the phone. I can’t stand having to talk to telemarketers or even my own vendors and I have a hard time dealing with clients that way and would much prefer online. But since so many of my clients are elderly they prefer to call in and speak to a real person so I do what I can to make sure that will happen when they call me. I got business voip service to make the connection better and I even had someone come out and reconfigure the answering service to make sure everything was taken care of on that end. I’ve been trying to push online purchases hard but until that day comes I guess I just need to suck it up and get better about talking on the phone, particularly when just about every phone call makes me money! Who would have thought that would be the case in this day and age?

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