Saturday, January 7, 2012

First time home buyer?

My wife and I are so tempted to buy a home. Unfortunately, after we weighed our situation, we realized it’s not our time for home investment yet. We have to save some more money for down-payments; we are talking thousands of dollars here. I’m sure if we have two incomes coming-in to our household, we definitely don’t have to worry about future home mortgages and stuff like that. Even though our credit score are better now than ever before and we qualifies for the home buying requirements, we still have to wait until my wife works.

Until then, we just have to sacrifice and stay where we’re at right now. My co-worker just bought a home and he suggested me to seek help from a professional realtor who can work with us. He said that they were given the best rates that fit their budget. He submitted their application form and a few days later he received a phone call to let him know that he got approved. Lucky him!

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