Saturday, January 7, 2012

Family fun at plaza bonita

Today I got a day off from work and I wanted to take full advantage of my free time but I also had a doctor appointment so after picking up my son from school, I went to my doctors appointment then I took the wife and kids to plaza bonita because I wanted the kids to have some fun in the playground area. They got a lot of exercise running around with the other kids chasing them. After that, we went to JC penny and got the kids some new outfits and my son seen this Super Mario Bros pajama set and it was on clearance sale and my son loves to play the game Super Mario Bros so I bought that for him and my wife bought our daughter a princess outfit so that when we go to Disneyland, she will wear it. After this, we went to this area where the kids can ride around in a circle on these electronic animals. My son has been scared to ride these in the past but this time, we weren't going to let him get away. I took some video of the kids and my wife and my son finally isn't afraid anymore. He got off saying to me he liked the ride. I think my son just found a new ride besides the train. My daughter on the other hand won't get off the ride. She was screaming when we pulled her off. Crying, crying, crying. Silly girl. These rides cost money baby.

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