Thursday, January 12, 2012

Raising little boy and girl requires patience

Raising 2 kids has certainly been quite a task. As my son gets older he's learning a lot of things and one of those is having an attitude problem. And my daughter who is only 2 yrs old is in her terrible two's seems to be fussy a lot and want's things her way all the time. It's a constant battle every day between the two kids. My daughter get's so tired but it just makes her more fussy and the only thing that can help the situation is if we are at a store or some place and we put her in the car when we leave and drive home, she will fall asleep and that's a good thing for my daughter. Otherwise, she just won't sleep. My son just went back to school after a long winter vacation and he's so used to staying up so late at night playing Super Mario Bros. But then when morning comes early and he needs to wake up he's all sleepy still and gives us an attitude problem. Another thing I have problems with is feeding my son. He likes many sweet meals like some oatmeal, sweet barbeque pork, cinnamon french toast sticks and pancakes in the morning. It's so hard to cook meals that he actually likes. My daughter on the other hand is the kind of kid that will eat just about anything. It's hard raising children these days but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love my children.

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