Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Best baby hats for all occasions

This winter season we have been fortunate that we haven't had too many cold days here in San Diego but when we go out in service and it's cold we always make sure to dress our daughter and son warm. My daughter is a toddler and toddlers have a habit of losing things so whenever my wife and I go clothes shopping, my wife will always browse thru the toddler hats at our favorite department store. There are many kinds of toddler hats made from different kinds of materials and designs so my wife always makes sure that our children will feel comfortable and look good before buying the hat.

When my daughter was just a little baby my wife was looking for the perfect baby hats for girls and I think she did a pretty good job because she found this cute outfit that came with a baby hat for girls. It was perfect for keeping our little baby girl protected from the suns harmful UV rays and it had pretty bright colors that would want to cheer anyone up and make them smile. The outfit was made from cotton and was light so it felt comfortable on my daughter. We took many pictures of our baby girl all dressed up in different outfits with baby hats. Some of our friends in our congregation were so nice to donate us some good used and even brand new clothes with the tags still on them and some baby hats for our daughter and son.

I think back on those days and I think my wife found some of the best baby hats I've ever seen in my life. My children looked so cute and we received a lot of comments on the different styles of hats we dressed them in. We had these winter hats that were given to us. One was designed to look like a monkey and the other was designed to look like owl and many friends asked us were we can find this hat. We don't know where to buy it but it was so cute.

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