Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trade show flooring helps your company stand out

Several years ago the company I work for, Veolia transportation, invited me and my family to the San Diego convention center to see the APTA (American Public Transportation Association) trade show and to see all the different companies and products on display. I assumed this was going to be another boring day since I've never been to a trade show in my life and almost decided not to go but I pushed my family and me to check it out just to be nice. Boy, was I wrong! We had a great time. When me and my family first arrived we couldn't help but notice the trade show carpet in the convention center. It felt like we were walking on a cushion of air and really helped relieve our tired and aching feet after walking around all day checking out all the exhibit booths.

Some companies went all out in making there exhibit booths stand out and look impressive while others opted for the cheapest possible cost. I found some booths to be appealing and can remember their names well because they advertised their company name all over the booth using different methods like imprinting their names on the carpets and tables. Other companies used floor logo mats which is a great idea because it's a place to wipe your feet and be reminded about the company name as your doing it. Other booths we saw had the company logo repeated all over the flooring which is a smart idea because the more you repeat your company logo, the longer it will remain fresh in peoples minds. After visiting my first APTA trade show ever, I can really see how important trade show flooring is to a companies appearance and sending the right message to their customers.

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Lisa said...

It makes a HUGE difference how the floor feels! With as many hours as we spend on our feet at trade shows, it's good to feel comfortable. It's the same way with displays, I think. A good looking salesman, table cover and photos really makes the day a little better. Hate a trashy looking trade show!