Monday, April 23, 2012

Family day at Disneyland park

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Last Friday I decided to call my sons school and excuse him for the day because I had plans to take the kids and wife to Disneyland in Anaheim, Ca. Anyways, he had been having a little bit of a cough and I didn't want to spread his cough to his classmates. I told my kids I was going to take them somewhere but I didn't tell them where and as we were driving to Anaheim, my daughter quickly fell asleep but my son was so curious with anticipation because we told them it was a surprise so all the way there he never fell asleep. By the time we got to Anaheim and he saw some Disneyland buses he started saying "Daddy, Disneyland buses" Look Daddy. He says, "Daddy, are we going to Disneyland" ? OK, so he figured it out. Smart kid he his. Then my daughter woke up and they were all excited. So we spent most of the day there. Had a great time, seen the parade twice, got a lot of photos including one with mickey mouse but my daughter was too scared. I don't understand her. If you have kids, you really need to take them to Disneyland where they can really be a kid and have fun with all their favorite characters. This picture was taken at Disneyland California Adventure park. It's mainly for adults but there are some rides that your children can go on. 


chubskulit said...

NIt's nice that you live nearby, wish we are too lol.

My BLUE, your comment will be much appreciated. Thank you!

Anne said...

That's a great surprise! I imagined your son's reaction upon knowing that you're going to Disney! How I wish to live near Disneyland. Airport Stroller Rental

Jessica Cassidy said...

beautiful park...great bond with the family :-) Dropping by from GM

Jessica Cassidy said...

what a beautiful Princess you have
:-) Dropping by from BM

green monday said...

wow, i would love to go to disneyland too, thanks for sharing and hope to see you at
green monday meme