Friday, April 20, 2012

Dollar General Convenience Store

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

My wife has the hardest job in the world; she takes care of the household and our children 24/7. As a father, I have to provide financially and my wife takes care of our budget. She makes sure we can afford to purchase all the essential and basic needs at home. We heard about the Dollar General which interests us. I search through online about the store; unbelievably I was stunned on their low-price of groceries. I guess it is different from other stores since they almost like having an everyday sales. We’ve been to many different affordable stores but for me Dollar General Store has an affordable price ever. Many people consider this store now as their friendly neighborhood affordable grocery store. My wife is anxiously awaiting and thrilled to know that there will be several stores, a Dollar General in California soon and hopefully it’ll in our neighborhood. I bet many people would love to shop at the store because they are so affordable.


This store merchandises the following food, cosmetics, accessories, toys and gadgets. I also found out hat they do have a Literacy Foundation that makes me more interested. In addition to that, we can also get some updates about their discounts at their Dollar General Facebook fan page. I am suggesting everyone to like their page that way you can also take part of their mission and vision and that is to help out for a cost. A single click from your mouse and your keyboard makes you shop online @ where you can sign up and see their featured ads online. Lets all save money by making our purchase at the Dollar General Store instead of somewhere else. 

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