Thursday, April 19, 2012

We can’t get enough of it

I’m talking about the flowers we’ve seen at the Flower Field tour that the family had weeks ago. The beautiful scene I used to see only at postcards was right in front of me. The buds, blossoms, the variety of colors, I can still vividly see. It feels like we were walking on a blanket made with real flowers, and the sweet smelling air, oh how can I forget? My wife keeps telling me that she really can’t get enough of our experience. It’ll definitely be more fun if YOU were there. My wife said, If only she can pick up a flower and give one to each of her friends, she’ll no doubt do it. I jokingly told her, see you in jail honey. LOL! Seriously, flowers speaks a lot, they can convey emotions, happy or sad. Looking at my wife’s photographs inspires me to do some gardening if only I could.

Hey, I mean it! I would like to have a backyard full of flowers and other plants. Then I wouldn’t have to think of ordering flowers online to give to my wife, although there are beautiful flower arrangements at the website I found online, along with goodies like cheese hamper online, wine baskets, chocolates and other giveaways that I cannot make it myself, might as well just get it online. I want to surprise my wife one of these days. Guess what? Even our children are falling in love with the beauty of flowers that our Grand Creator had created for all of us to enjoy.

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