Sunday, April 29, 2012

My friend has green thumb

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My friend's Bok Choy from her garden, that's the kind of Bok Choy I'd like to have in my garden too.

I spoke to my friend the other and she said “aside from my little business, farming my own garden is my favorite pastime in our small backyard”. She loves to grow healthy vegetables in her garden. Since, I owe my tiny garden some veggies; I am planning to plant some organic foods. Just like my friend’s garden, I’d like to cultivate a healthy garden with organic foods for my family. My friend mentioned that she is using Whitney Farms® Organic Fertilizer; I would like to try it to because I saw all her vegetables like Bok Choy, they’re really healthy and looks yummy. Her garden appears progressively unlike before when she was still using the Conventional Plant Food. She said that she had observed that those fertilizers can cause harm to plants when overused, it’s the reason why some of my plants got wasted. She’s thankful that someone referred her to try the Whitney Farms Organic Fertilizer to use it for her garden. An organic soil effect is awesomeness to the vegetables. According to her, to achieve lush and plentiful garden she recommends me to use the product that she’s using. This organic plant food has a foremost gardening experience, my friend said. I found out that this product is low to dust, no manure odor that makes my yard stinky, easy to apply and contains beneficial microbes, especially designed protein-based blends provide the plants with both macro and micronutrients they need to grow and thrive. I want to avail they coupon. If you guys want to try the Whitney Farms Organic Fertilizer, use the coupon to save some money. Visit the website for further details on how to get the $3 coupon.


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