Friday, April 27, 2012

Toys-R-Us toy shopping

The other day when I picked up my son from school, he found a $20.00 bill laying on the grass. I was shocked and told him that when we get home to tell mommy. So when we walked into the front door my wife thought it was just a $1.00 bill and I said, No, Look at it closer. She was stunned when she realized it was twenty dollars. So I went to work and then she sent me a message saying that our son said" Mommy, put the money in your purse so we can go to the store and buy some toys" So thats what we did today. We went to toys-r-us and bought my daughter a kitchen stove set and my son got a new "chugginton" train set. He already has "Brewster the train" so we bought him "action chugger" If those reading this are parents then you'll know what I mean because the Disney channel has the kids show "Chuggington" on but I don't remember the time. When we went to toys-r-us my daughter found a pricess suitcase that macthed her shirt so my wife took a picture of it.

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