Sunday, May 6, 2012

Smartphone software for your laptop

I have a laptop computer but I can't get internet while I'm at work because my company has a hard wired network and they don't want employees using the internet. I spoke to the general manager about having free wireless internet for the employees but the general manager told me that employees would take advantage of this benefit and abuse it by looking at pornography and things like that. I can understand that but why not put restrictions on certain websites? I'm sure it can be done. Anyways, one of bus drivers gave me a tip one day about some great software that I can download to my smartphone and use this to get free wireless internet for my laptop via my smartphone. I have a data plan with verizon wireless and so one day I tried tethering my smartphone to my laptop while at work. Bad idea since verizon already figured this out a long time ago and wants to charge an additional $50.00 per month to tether your laptop to your smartphone. Anyways, this bus driver told me about the junefabric website that has this cool software called PDANet for your android phone that you can download and configure your computer to use the internet signal off your phone to get internet for your laptop. I tried it but there's just one problem. When I go to search for my phone using the bluetooth feature on my laptop, it can't find it so I had to order a bluetooth doogle online and now I'm waiting for it to come in the mail. It only cost $1.80 so how can I go wrong. Well, I'm hoping it will work after this. The bus driver had no problem installing and using the software on his computer but maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'll wait for the bluetooth device to come and try it again.

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