Monday, May 7, 2012

My soul mate

When my co-workers learned that I am marrying a Filipina, they were shocked especially when they found out how I met my wife who was my fiancĂ©’s at the time. They thought that dating online is impossible especially when two people are thousands of miles away from each other. I know that long distance love affair would be hard but because I love my wife, perseverance and faithfulness comes into play to both of us. We experienced different kinds of obstacle in our relationship before my wife came here in the United States but we were able to conquer it successfully.

Before I met my soul mate (my wife) online, I was hesitant to try dating women through the internet but gave-in and gave it a try. Whatever negative hearsay I heard about online dating was totally misinterpreted. I think they generalized it which is unfair. I have to say that I am so fortunate to find my soul mate online. She colors my life and gave me two wonderful children. I wouldn’t have my kids right now had I not tried online dating. We've been married for 7 long years now and we still have the "sparks" so to speak, for each other. No doubt I recommend some of my single co-worker to try online dating as well, who know it'll work for them too.

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