Friday, May 11, 2012

Diamond- the King of all Gems

During special occasions, jewelry with diamonds is ideally prepared by women. Many women look forward during that event since, these would be a day of competitions. I’ve been into a social gathering before when I saw plenty of those women wearing their favorite marquise cut loose diamonds which are pure and extremely fabulous. Well, I know for sure since I’ve acquired this diamond education before, my wife used to have a set of stones like any other women. Have you wonder what are those legendary diamonds were? Possible, before it became famous, somebody has worn and distinguished that it is a very precious one in this world. I am thinking how these people created such fine shapes like marquise cut diamonds nowadays. Some said that diamonds are “KING OF GEMS, is it really true? We all know that diamonds are exceptionally durable and hard, that is the reason why many people prefer to give an engagement ring with a diamond stone in it. After several years, we couldn’t imagine that the engagement ring worn by the mother was passed onto the bride-to-be of her beloved son before they got married. Today, searching those loose diamonds is so effortless. For as long as we have enough funds we can easily obtain it according to its categories.

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