Friday, May 11, 2012

Noise and Silence

Who likes a rumbled environment and a noisy neighborhood? No one! But if you’re living in an apartment, in an urban area, with buildings nearby and countless of vehicles coming to and fro, noise will always be hard to combat and stop. It’s terrible when the people living next to your door turn on their speaker’s volume at midnight. They could be enjoying a party while you’re desperate to catch your sleep and not mind them at all. Good thing there’s something we can do about it. By blocking the noise, could be lining your wall with high-density materials that acts like a barrier. Insulation materials like egg cartons absorb vibrations and noticeably lessen the noise.

For more major noises, it’s a good thing that silencers exist nowadays like duct silencers, vibration control and other noise control systems that can reduce the disturbing roar and rumble in the environment. Every one of us is entitled to have our peace of mind, I mean literally. If it’s too noisy and loud, chances are we can’t focus well on our job and other thoughts in mind. Silencers or those improvised noise remedies, quite a help to have some solitude.

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