Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting the passports ready for a trip to the Philippines

A few days ago my wife and kids started the process of getting their passports either updated or new ones so that they could all go back to the Philippines next February and see their mother and father, grand mom and grand pa. The kids keep saying to us, mom, dad, when can we go to the Philippines? Everyone is excited to go. The other day we applied and now we are just waiting for them to come to in our mail box. This will complete one of the most important parts of her trip to PI. Slowly, my wife is getting things ready to go back home, getting little gifts here and there at our favorite department store for her family and relatives back home. I'm sure if it was my family that was in the Philippines, I would be excited to go home and see them too. I'm excited for them to go. They will be gone for 3 weeks which allows me some time off away from them for a little while. I'm going to miss my wife and kids and I worry for their safety being so far away from home. I can't go this time for 2 reasons. One, it's not safe for me and two, I don't have enough PTO to be able to get a paid vacation. I've been to PI 2 times so far but it's a very long flight and by the time you arrive to your destination, you are physically exhausted. I mean this flight just wears you out so much that it takes nearly a week just to recover. And the high temperatures don't help much either. It's very warm this year and I spoke to some co-workers of mine who recently returned and they said that the Philippines is currently experiencing record heat temps. OMG! I'm hoping my wife and kids won't have to experience this kind of heat next February. Well, at least the bedroom they will sleep in has air conditioning.

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Pearl said...

Hi! Usually February is not that warm in PI. It's good that they are going on that month, and not March which is the start of summer.
I am excited for your family too. Im sure that your wife's family in the Phils are having their countdown as well. Wish I can go home too.