Friday, June 15, 2012

Indulge and Pamper in a Cozy Place – Florida

This post brought to you by VISIT FLORIDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

How would you like your vacation with your family memorable be? The usual family trip during vacation which everyone would prefer would be enjoying under the heat of the sun and is with the inviting blue water in the sea. I remember before when I was in a childhood period, I used to build castles in the sand and enjoying a great relaxation with my family in one of the beaches in Florida. We used to hang-up there during weekends, that is why I consider Florida as part of my life. What I like the most about this place is there sugary white sand that makes me go back again and again especially during summertime.

Actually, what captures my attention during my last visit in this place was there great offer not only for family but also for friends. Florida’s Three for Free Giveaway is a certain package that they are offering for the lucky winners who will join in. Guess what are their prizes? They are giving away three additional Prize Vacation package since they’ve got twelve (12) in the row. Randomly, one grand prize winner will be chosen for her/his own three choices and then the nine additional winners will be the next to be selected with a chance to pick from the nine remaining packages. All in all, winners will 10 lucky vacation lovers. They’ve got cool packages like; Swim with the Manatees, Tennis Lovers Gourmet Getaway, Natural Florida, Family Adventure, Space Cowboys, Trainer for a Day, The Breakers Luxury Dream Vacation, Ultimate Spa-cation, Tee Timer for Two, Classic Family Beach Week, Step Into the Past and the last is Florida Keys Fishing. Their entry period started at E.T. last May 24, 2012 and will end up to June 30, 2012, nice to hear they are still ongoing right?


Those packages they are offering are so exciting since they all got my favorites. Okay, I try to pick some; I would go The Breakers Luxury Dream Vacation since it will be sponsored by the Breakers Palm Beach, then Ultimate Spa-Cation which is sponsored by PGA National Resort & Spa, then the very last is the Classic Family Beach that would be sponsored by TradeWinds Island Resorts. I pick those three since it is not just for my own but also for my family. If you guys want to check-out their page, VISIT FLORIDA on Facebook too. This is absolutely fun and exciting, a great chance for me and my family to indulge and be stressed-free during vacation, so why not join in? I highly recommend everyone to participate as well, enter for your daily sweepstake for a chance to win at least one of their prizes if not the grand prize.

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