Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nutritious snacks for family's on the run

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It's very important to me and my wife that our kids receive good nutrition and eat wholesome food that includes both fruit and vegetables. It's even more important these days with child obesity on the rise and many kids not getting the proper nutrition they need. Even for me, my doctor has suggested that I change my diet just a little because I'm overweight and have some heart condidtion. I try to excersise and eat healthy when I can but as a full time dad and full time worker providing for my wife and kids, it's not always possible for me. I don't always have time to cook a good meal at home so sometimes we have buy food already made and sometimes that includes burgers, fries and a coke at the local fast food burger joint. My son is eating healthy every morning because he specifically wants the quaker flavored oatmeals for breakfast so every morning we prepare him his oatmeal. In the past when I went to work, I would usually buy a bag of potatoe chips from the vending machine at work and eat them to hold me over till lunch time but then one day I wanted to eat healthier and now I've been buying boxes of these quaker chewy granola bars (peanut butter or rocky road flavor is my favorite) when we go food shopping. I love them because it's more healthier to eat and it's good tasting. Now quaker has gone out and outdid themselves with these new granola bars called Quaker Soft Baked Bar. They come in two tasty flavors: Banana nut bread and Cinnamon pecan bread. Banana bread is my favorite. I like quaker granola bars because they make a great breakfast snack when you don't have time to eat a normal breakfast, like me and my family when we're in a hurry to go out in service or something. Packed with real fruit and nuts, 5g of fiber, 6g of protein, excellant source of 5 B-vitamins and only 140 calories, what's not good to like about this snack? My daughter and I are the only ones who will eat granola bars and that's ok with me. 

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