Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer vacation 2012 coming

Summer is almost here and that means my son will be out of school and he can get to play with his little sister more often. Summer vacation also means many weeks of fun for the kids like going to disneyland, the San Diego zoo, and the beach. This year Universal Studios Hollywood will be having a special where you can visit them for a day and get the rest of 2012 free when you bring in any empty Coka Cola can. We will take advantage of this deal and we will be going around the first week of july. My work just got done bidding for the new shift and I was fortunate to get Sunday and Monday off so I can have time to have a weekend day off with my kids. We will take our best friend to Universal Studios Hollywood because she's really been wanting to visit this park. My wife and I have also had plans to visit the park for quite a while now and we're excited to go. We will stay there for 2-3 days and enjoy this time with our kids.

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