Saturday, September 29, 2012

We want them to be Happy

Have you been asked by your sweetheart about something which she really like? You’d say yes because you got that thing for her, right? Of course we want to give them all they need because we love them. Well, let’s just talk about those things they love; clothes, shoes, jewels, bags and accessories but the last time she asked me something doesn’t belong on that stuff. You won’t believe because she asked me that she want to replace our bed sheets and bed shams. I really thought it was a personal stuff but I was wrong. Now you ask me if I’m gon’na buy it? Well, definitely yes, because we want them to be happy!


Melinda Dunne said...

That looks very cozy!

Jo Steph said...

A beautiful bed set! Love it!

Alaina Bullock said...

I love that bed set! That would definitely make me happy!